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On March 17th 2023, the Moonrakers pub in Swindon hosted a lively launch party for "Owen's World". With vibrant decorations and a joyous atmosphere, friends, family, and community members gathered to honour Owen's legacy and celebrate the project's launch. The event featured music, and inspiring presentations, highlighting the vision behind "Owen's World." It was a heartfelt evening of unity and positivity, as attendees raised toasts to Owen's indomitable spirit and embraced the opportunity to make a lasting impact in his name.

A big shoutout and special thanks to all the businesses that joined forces to make our party happen! Your support and contributions were absolutely crucial in creating an unforgettable event. We couldn't have done it without you, and we are incredibly grateful. Cheers to an amazing team effort!

We owe a huge thanks to the incredibly talented Sarah Moore for capturing all the amazing photos at our event! Feel free to save and cherish the ones featuring yourself!

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