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About Owen's World

Lives not Knives

Nurturing minds, inspiring futures! Youth mental health matters!

Meet Owen:

Owen was a well-loved face in the Penhill Swindon community, adored by everyone. He thrived in the company of loved ones, friends, and his beloved dog, Jazz. Owen always brought grins to people's faces and was known for being dependable, friendly, and easygoing. Growing up, he was all about laughter, mischief, and loads of good times with his group of friends.

Why Owen's World?

In December 2022, tragedy struck when Owen fell victim to a fatal stabbing in Swindon's Haydon End area, hitting the community hard. In response, his family and closest friends came together and launched Owen's World.

Combating Knife Crime for a Brighter, Safer Future:

In the face of tough times, there's a chance for positive change. Owen's memory lives on through the unwavering efforts of the Owen's World team. Together, they're set on making their community safer and tackling the issues young people face today, like knife crime. They're all about spreading awareness, lending a hand, and inspiring others to get involved in building a brighter, safer future for everyone.

Explore Owen's World:

Wanna help fight knife crime? Dive into our world. Check out what we're up to, grab some resources, and see how you can pitch in. Together, we've got this, and we can make a real difference.

An image of Owen Dunn
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